Finding a Career with Heart
:  This course will guide you through a series of engaging exercises designed to help you:

• Identify the work that is most fulfilling and meaningful to you.
• Create a vision of your life’s work.
• Construct a plan and begin taking concrete steps toward your vision.

This process is deepened by the interaction, sharing and support of the course participants.

Career with Heart Team Building:  An essential component to creating work you love is to surround your self with others who are doing the same! Take the next step and learn how to form a support group to infuse positive energies and keep the momentum going with others who are pursuing their career with heart. Completing “Finding a Career with Heart” is a prerequisite for this course.

Third Thursdays:  A FREE evening of interactive activities designed to help individuals focus on ways to create the career and life they want. These casual gatherings will be held on the Third Thursday of each month.




This individualized program provides an opportunity to work one-to-one by phone or in person on all of the activities and exercises covered in the course “Finding a Career with Heart.” This option allows for flexible scheduling and working at your own pace.





This Intention Focused Counseling approach helps you clarify and work toward your intentions to create the work and life you want. This approach can be, especially, helpful for focusing on a specific change you want to make in your life. In addition, it can help you work through personal blocks or counter-intentions that interfere with your progress toward your intention.






AN INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION                                             
with James Yates, PhD, LPC                                                                    
Free Third Thursdays Workshop Series

This workshop will focus on beginning meditation instruction through discussion, demonstration and participation in meditation periods.

When: Thursday, May 15th, 7 - 8:30 PM
Where: Orange Hill Wellness Center, 401 Orange Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

To register, click box to your right or call 434-977-6918.